The Depp Hat - Cream
The Depp Hat - Cream
The Depp Hat - Cream

The Depp Hat - Cream

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Made famous by Johnny Depp's style of hats, this hat certainly is a vintage goddess!!! 

Made of a firm ultra suede. Made by our boutique factory in Mexico. 

We have added an interior elastic band that allows for a comfortable fit.

1. Height of Hat - M / 4" - L / 5"

2. Circumference - M / 21" - L / 23" (remember the elastic band may skew this)

3. Brim Width - M / 2.25" - L / 2.5"

Note. The majority of our clients measure perfectly medium hat. If you find that you have a larger head then the large hat should be a good fit for you! The comfort band within the hat allows for a generous allowance as its makes the sizing more along the lines of Sm-Med and Med-Lg

Note. The cream is a light bone color. There is shadowing on the photo that is skewing the depth of the cream color

Note. lifestyle photo is representing the color Fern Green that we offer