Rocker Flannels

Upcycled in house by our team of artists. We source all flannels and vintage t-shirts and then combine them so that they get to live another life. Over 16 million tons of textile waste fill the landfills and we are doing our part to curb that number all while staying fashionably bad ass!

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Luxurious Tibetan lamb fur bags adorned with the most fabulous fringe you will ever see. We then topped off the bag with a specialty strap curated by us!

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Stay Cozy & Warm

I did the Laundry Collection

I have never been the queen of laundry ... at least now it is a stylish ooopsie!

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Rocker Camos

We took one of our favorite outerwear items and made it even more fabulous with one of our vintage / up-cycled graphics. These classic camo's got a rocker makeover!

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Burn Baby Burn

Our new signature candles were crafted so that you canachieve the CG vibe in your home or office. We love the smell of coffee all day for that morning chill or midday pick up and that faint smell of tobacco to remind us of days gone by. We blended these moments to create our signature candle. They come in frosted black vessels and a wax CG seal.

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Stay Warm this Winter

Spa Up the Shower

Give your ordinary shower a makeover! Introducing our shower steamers!

They come in 3 amazing scents ... Breathe, Stress Relief and Sleepy Time.

Simply drop them onto the floor of the shower and let the water do its job..... the essential oils will attach to the vapor and fill the room with the healing aroma!

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Getting Witchy

We found a local husband and wife team that specializes in acrylic designs and what I think I liked most (other than the cool designs) is the fact that they are different from other typical artisans who work in this medium!!

They took this witchy esthetic and ran with it creating everything from lamps to these bad ass key chains!

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Birds of a Feather

Weather you are adorning a new hat or smudging for protection or even just adding to your hair for the day, our collection of feathers has got a new look. We have taken our natural feathers and printed them with colors, boho designs and even a few high fashion brands. Birds of a feather flock fashionably together .

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