• Where is parking?
    • We have free parking in front of the store and a parking lot behind the store.
  • Do you allow pets in your store?
    • We are a pet friendly store! Just make sure you can put them on a leash.
  • What's your return policy?
  • Where do you get your merchandise?  
    • We travel around the world to find merchandise that you will enjoy!
  • How can I shop with you?
    • We have multiple places you can shop with us! You can shop here online or at our to locations in North Carolina! 

Main Location: 108 North Broad St. Mooresville NC, 28115

Or you can shop at our kiosk at Birkdale Village, Huntersville NC!

  • What do you look for in your products?
    • We look for ethically produced, quality products that resonate with us!
  • How do I apply to work with you?
    • You can dm us on Instagram @Thecosmogypsy or email us at thecosmogypsy@gmail.com to schedule an interview today!
  • Where can I hear about all the travels you're going on?
    • We have two locations you can see about our travels! You can read our blog or follow us on Instagram @Thecosmogypsy!
  •  Why is that your name?
    • The name of this shop means a lot to us. We picked it due to the definition of Gypsy. Which is "a nomadic or free-spirited person." We use that term to describe how we go about life, how we choose to travel our space in this world. We don't use this term in a derogatory manner only in the context of it's definition.